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BTOD: The Boys Signature

Boys Signature

Calling all Junior Fashionistas! We have a children’s size bow tie for all the young ladies and gentlemen in your life who want to support equality and look damn good doing it!

Just like our Adult size Signature bow ties, the Boys Bow Ties are created using 100% silk and are carefully detailed with our emblem, the owl, which Jesse says “stands as a universal symbol of wisdom, representing foresight, perspective, and patience.”

The junior size Signature bow tie comes in Hunter Green or Deep Burgundy, so grab you youngest fashion fan and head over to The Tie Bar to get yours today!

BTOD: Signature Black Wedding

Signature Wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and whether you are a guest, the bride, or the groom, Tie The Knot has you fashionable equipped! With seventeen states that have legalized marriage equality, we are hoping committed, same-sex couples everywhere are next to Tie The Knot!

Our Signature Black Wedding bow tie is created using 100% silk and is carefully detailed with our emblem, the owl, which Jesse says “stands as a universal symbol of wisdom, representing foresight, perspective, and patience.”

“We absolutely love the owl as the symbol of Tie The Knot. It represents everything we hope to convey with this line of bow ties and in this mission. We will forever sport the owl as our trademark,” Justin says.

Head over to The Tie Bar for this classic, bold, and timeless choice as you get ready to say “I do!”

BTOD: The Brittney Griner



Our bow tie of the day is The Brittney Griner!

American professional superstar basketball player Brittney Griner, a graduate from Baylor University in Waco, Texas is a huge fan favorite.  Known for her incredible talent on the court and also for her humanity, approachability, and down to earth attitude, Griner says “Most athletes act all un-human and you can’t relate to them. I’m the exact opposite.”

Griner, a strong supporter of marriage equality is open about her sexuality, said “What about the kids who need someone to look up to? I’m targeting the people struggling who need someone to set an example.”

We are proud to have this strong, inspirational woman collaborate with Tie The Knot. She has created this unique, detailed, colorful bow tie which incorporates hummingbirds and orchids, inspired by her arm sleeve. One of her numerous tattoos, all of which have personal meaning to her. The Brittney Griner is available at The Tie Bar.


BTOD: The Santa Fe


Today we are featuring two bow ties from our winter collection, the Santa Fe in Red and Brown. These two bow ties remind of us Jesse’s home state, New Mexico. The warm colors, soft fabric, and rugged details make these accessories perfect for cozy winters.

Jesse loves the Santa Fe in Red so much, he wore it to our Tie The Knot Launch Party with Beverly Center and The Tie Bar! The Santa Fe in Red looks amazing on the red carpet, if that’s on your itinerary this winter season.

Today is the last day that The Tie Bar can guarantee your product arrives for Christmas! So, if marriage equality and a new fashion statement are high on your priority list this holiday season, head to The Tie Bar and get your Santa Fe bow tie for yourself or a friend! Happy Holidays!

BTOD: The Farolito

The Farolito

Today we are featuring The Farolito, one of the trendiest and most unique bow ties from our brand new winter collection. The Farolito features a blue and green flower pattern, that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

This bow tie has one of the more vibrant and bold patterns in this collection which is reflected in its striking color scheme. This tie is best paired with a fierce attitude and a daring sense of fashion.

Before purchasing this bow tie, you can virtually dress yourself and decide what look will work best on The Tie Bar’s website. We love this particular bow tie with a bold, dark shirt.

Not only can you purchase this bow tie from The Tie Bar to benefit marriage equality, but you can see it on the shelves at our Pop Up Shop at Beverly Center. This fabulous bow tie sells for $25 and a whopping $20 from your purchase will be donated to Tie The Knot! Thank you for supporting a more equal and fashionable world!