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Today, we are so excited to launch a limited edition Tie The Knot bow tie designed by CFDA award-winning fashion designer, Billy Reid!

Mr. Mag says of the unique bow: “the handmade silk creation is a spin on a standard camo print and color palette with a luxe finish not traditionally seen with camo.”

Known for his “low-fi Southern-bred luxury” style, Billy Reid has designed this bow to help support the Human Rights Campaign via Tie The Knot’s mission of supporting organizations worldwide who are leading the charge for universal LGBTQ equality. All funds raised via the sail of Billy Reid’s design will be donated to HRC and the fight for LGBTQ equality beyond marriage, especially in the American south.

Don’t wait to get your hands on this limited edition bow tie. It’s perfect for fall and to add a pop of color and design to a simpler look.

2015 10-01 Reid Blog

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We are so excited and proud to be partnering with the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) for the month of September! All proceeds raised by Tie The Knot this month will be donated to this amazing organization.

IGLHRC is the only U.S.-based international LGBTQ rights organization recognized by the United Nations and has been at the forefront of human rights advocacy since 1990 on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

Across the globe, IGLHRC works with the UN and regional human rights monitoring bodies to document LGBT human rights violations and effectively engage in human rights advocacy with various communities. Last month, they supported the first UN Security Council meeting on LGBT rights, dealing with the difficult subject of gay executions by the so-called “Islamic State” in Syria and Iraq.

IGLHRC achieves their mission by various means such as organizing a campaign to raise thousands of dollars for a Ugandan LGBT magazine, publishing an LGBT comic in Farsi depicting gay Iranians, and actively training activists and authorities in Tunisia, the Philippines, and elsewhere about LGBT rights.

We are honored to work with such an engaging organization with a global reach.

Click here to shop our Jesse Tyler Ferguson collection at The Tie Bar to up your fashion game, but also help support LGBTQ human rights around the world.

2015 09-02 Blog

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In May, Tie The Knot was honored by Lambda Legal at their annual National Liberty Awards Dinner alongside Mercedes Ben USA for work impacting the LGBTQ and HIV-affected community. We were so excited to attend this important event benefiting Lambda’s tremendous legal, education, and advocacy work that spans across the nation in support of millions of Americans.

At the time of the event, we were a couple months away from winning marriage equality across the United States. Lambda Legal made it clear that marriage is not the end of the fight for LGBTQ rights in America. Housing and workplace discrimination, inadequate access to healthcare, youth homelessness, and numerous other issues still face millions of LGBTQ Americans. Lambda Legal has been and will continuing fighting in the courtroom to ensure justice is no longer denied in these cases.

Jesse and Justin announced at the dinner that Tie The Knot would contribute to Lambda Legal’s mission by donating $25,000. We are proud to support Lambda Legal and the invaluable work they provide not only in landmark cases, such as the historic Supreme Court marriage victory, but also for everyday Americans whose rights are denied simply because of who they are or who they love.

There is so much work to accomplish for LGBTQ rights, and we are grateful Lambda Legal is at the forefront of it all.


2015 07-07 Lambda Blog

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When Tie The Knot was founded in 2012 only six states and Washington D.C. had marriage equality. We were committed via the sale of our limited edition bow ties to helping numerous organizations around the country achieve a long-overdue victory – full federal marriage equality for all Americans. We sought to make supporting the freedom to marry fun and engaging for all; our celebrity guest designers and unique bows brought together thousands of bow-tie aficionados and marriage-equality supporters alike from around the world.

Having raised over $500,000, three years, and 44 states later – we’ve accomplished our goal! Today, same-sex couples across the country can marry in all 50 states and have their marriage recognized from sea to shining sea. Countless children of same-sex couples no longer feel like second-class citizens. The Supreme Court’s decision and Jim Obergefell’s story underscores the fact that same-sex couples want to be married for the happy times, but need to be married for the hard times. It certainly is exciting that thousands of couples’ dream weddings will soon become reality.

Yet, in 31 states same-sex couples can get married on Saturday and fired on Monday.

You see, two-thirds of the states in our country do not prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. And, in those same states, there are no laws prohibiting housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Simply put, you can be fired or kicked out of housing simply because of whom you love or how you identify.

Furthermore, for the hundreds-of-thousands of homeless LGBTQ youth around the country who are in desperate need of homes, emotional support, jobs, and healthcare – marriage is the least of their worries.

There is no denying it – marriage equality is not enough. So, our work continues, and Tie The Knot is rededicating itself to ensure that all rights of LGBTQ Americans are federally protected!

Our pursuit of happiness has truly only just begun. Will you join us and show your support for LGBTQ equality by tweeting or sharing our Facebook post?

Thank you for all the support you’ve given Tie The Knot. The Supreme Court marriage equality victory could not have happened without you. We are continuing our work and supporting the fight for LGBTQ equality via the sale of our bow ties. We hope you’ll continue fighting with us.

Remember: $20 of every $25 Tie The Knot bow tie purchased at will be donated to Tie The Knot in support of LGBTQ equality.


2015 07-06 LGBTQ Blog

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In a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court has affirmed that same-sex couples have the right to marry under the U.S. Constitution thereby striking down all remaining bans on marriage equality.

The ruling was made in the historic case, Obergefell v. Hodges, a case out of Ohio linked with lawsuits out of Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee. As of this morning, 13 states remain where same-sex couples cannot get married.

Today’s historic decision comes on the anniversary of pro-equality Supreme Court rulings in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor, which in 2013 restored marriage equality in California and struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act respectively. Today is also the 12-year anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down sodomy laws across the nation.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote today’s historic opinion and was joined by Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor. This marks the fourth major pro-LGBT opinion authored by Justice Kennedy after his opinions in Lawrence and Windsor as well as his historic opinion in Romer v. Evans, which held that a state constitutional amendment in Colorado preventing protected status based upon homosexuality or bisexuality did not satisfy the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Tie The Knot is proud to have supported numerous organizations that have helped all Americans achieve this historic victory via the sale of our limited edition bow ties! This is a huge win for America, and now we look forward to fighting for LGBT equality beyond marriage.

Read the opinion here >