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Today’s Bow Tie of the Day is none other than The Patricia Michaels! Though not from our newest collection, this bow tie is a classic in the Tie The Knot world and it is only fitting to make it today’s Bow Tie of the Day in celebration of Patricia returning to Season 11 of Project Runway! Patricia will be returning in the All-Star season and we can’t wait to see all of the new styles she comes up with. In honor of Patricia, we hope you work this bow tie! Shop for it here: Michaels

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250,000 gay couples married in America in the first decade of marriage equality

Over half a million Americans have married a partner of the same-sex, new Census data released this month reveals. The first same-sex couples to legally marry in America began doing so ten years ago on 17 May 2004 in the state of Massachusetts following a November 2003 ruling by its state Supreme Judicial Court.

“Virginia is going to have marriage equality”

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday said he remains confident same-sex couples will soon be able to legally marry in the commonwealth. “I want you all to know that in the commonwealth of Virginia, we are going to have marriage equality,” he said during brief remarks he made during a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton in Washington’s West End neighborhood. “As governor, I am going to preside over marriage equality and I promise you that.” McAuliffe’s comments come less than a week before justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are scheduled to meet to consider whether to accept seven petitions to hear same-sex marriage cases from Virginia and four other states. “With the Supreme Court, we are going to make this done for you,” said McAuliffe. Same-sex couples are currently able to legally marry in 19 states and D.C.

Supreme Court may decide Monday to take up marriage

Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will have its first opportunity to decide whether to take up a lawsuit seeking a nationwide constitutional right to same-sex marriage. For the first conference of its upcoming term on Monday, the court has docketed five cases seeking marriage equality for which petitions for certiorari have been filed. In the event that the court doesn’t make a decision, the next opportunity for the court to opt to take up a case is at the subsequent conference on Oct. 10.CROP-518479595

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It wouldn’t be right to celebrate the launch of our new collection without featuring our guest designers tie at our Bow Tie of the Day! For you Breaking Bad fans, Bryan Cranston’s tie is easily recognizable, featuring the iconic Heisenberg outline. The black outline on the charcoal tie really makes for a statement for anyone in the Breaking Bad fandom. The tie sells for $25 on The Tie Bar and we suggest that you get shopping because this one is already flying off the shelves! image

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The Tie The Knot Fall 2014 Collection has arrived! This collection features many new trendy, fun, and unique styles of bow ties, along with a very special one designed by Emmy & Tony Award winning actor Bryan Cranston!

For all you Breaking Bad fans, Cranston’s tie is a black/ charcoal bow tie that features a silhouette of Heisenberg, Cranston’s character, Walter White’s, alter ego on the show.

The fifteen piece collection retails at $25.00 a tie and highlights pops of fall colors such as plum, hunter green and wine, and displays an assortment of intricate florals, fun geometric patterns and innovative strips.

All the ties for Tie The Knot and the new collection is sold exclusively at The Tie Bar! Check out the site now at to get shopping!


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Census Bureau Now Categorizes Same-Sex Marriage Couples as “Families”

New census data released Thursday made a simple but substantial change in categorizing same-sex married couples: They now are considered families.

In prior years, the U.S. Census Bureau counted such couples as “unmarried partners,” even if they were legally married. But now, starting with the new annual American Community Survey, they are in among the family totals.

Same-sex couples who live together but are not married are still counted as “unmarried partners,” the same designation for unmarried opposite-sex couples. The Census Bureau has counted same-sex couples since 1990.

The change in handling same-sex married couples followed the June 2013 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act, said Rose Kreider, chief of the Census Bureau’s Fertility and Family Statistics Branch. Gay married couples in states where that practice is legal must receive the same federal benefits that other married couples receive, the court ruled.

“The (census) change makes sense given the Supreme Court decision,” Kreider said.

Richmond, Virginia Makes Appeal Towards LGBT Couples

The organization, known as Richmond Region Tourism, is declaring that Richmond, Va., is “coming out” as a city where L.G.B.T. tourists will feel comfortable. A campaign that began this month includes a microsite, or special website, with the address The campaign presupposes that potential visitors have images of Richmond derived from its history or heritage, or perhaps because Virginia is a state where same-sex marriage is illegal and there are no statewide protections for L.G.B.T. employees in their workplaces. Those attitudes are, according to Richmond Region Tourism and the campaign, obsolete and at variance with how tolerant the city is today.